Tree Planting Taunton

Are you looking for a company to perform tree planting in Taunton or a surrounding area? If so, let your search end with Chris Groves Associates. Our planting services cover all elements, from the initial soil preparation through to waste disposal. Our knowledgeable and highly skilled team will be able to advise on the most suitable shrubs and trees for your domestic or commercial premises. We can carry out sizeable planting schemes, so whether you need a single or broad selection of trees planted, we can assist you.

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Planting a Tree

Certain steps need to be taken when it comes to planting a tree. The process of planting saplings begins with creating a hole that is around three times bigger than the sapling pot. Before planting saplings, it is always a good idea to loosen compacted soil and dampen the roots. The tree should then be positioned upright in the ground. The base of the sapling should start at the ground surface. Next, soil can be added to the hole and compacted to remove trapped air. Watering the sapling will be the final step.

If the sapling is particularly young, it may need additional support, such as a cane, to stabilise it. Canes and protective supports may also be a good option if your sapling is located in a public location or in an area with animals nearby.

Here at Chris Groves Associates, we ensure that our customers’ trees are given all the preparation required to grow and thrive. Contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange an estimate.

Tree Care

With the correct tree care, trees can transform dull outdoor areas into vibrant natural landscapes. Our team can source and expertly plant a large range of trees, ensuring they thrive. After planting your tree, we can spread mulches over the surface of the surrounding soil to retain moisture, maintain a cool temperature, prevent weeds and improve the aesthetic of your garden.

Whether you would like native or ornamental trees, we can advise you on the most appropriate species for your property. We can also inform you of the most suitable methods for caring for your tree species.

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