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Tree Surgery Taunton

If you require tree surgery in Taunton, make Chris Groves Associates your first choice. From tree felling and tree pruning, including crown reduction, through to tree removal and stump grinding, we do it all. We deliver reliable services, workmanship and tree care of the highest standards. Moreover, we provide our exceptional tree services for a very competitive price. We are experienced, fully insured, certified and have NPTC qualifications in all areas of the industry, from felling and chainsaws to climbing and aerial rescue.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to arrange our high-quality and efficient tree services for a convenient time for you.

Tree Felling

Tree felling involves cutting down trees via notched undercuts and felling back cuts without disturbing the nearby areas. With our high level of expertise and experience, we can fell trees efficiently, without damaging the natural or built-up areas close by.

Stump Grinding

If you have a tree stump that would be difficult to remove, then you may want to grind it away. For instance, stumps from deciduous trees are typically long and deep. With our state-of-the-art, heavy-duty stump grinders, we offer stump grinding to eliminate tree stumps quickly and professionally, without affecting the surrounding landscape. Do not hesitate to get in touch to learn more about our methods and approach.

Tree Removal

If you require tree removal and the tree you want removing cannot be felled, we can dismantle it as an alternative. Tree dismantling is particularly suited to trees that could cause significant damage if felled. Here at Chris Groves Associates, we have professional climbers with the ability to reach whichever tree limbs require dismantling. Once removed from the tree, tree parts can be carefully brought to ground level. Following this step, the tree trunk will be sectioned and lowered until only a stump remains, which can also be removed.

Tree Pruning

Here at Chris Groves Associates, we are experienced in performing tree pruning, including crown reduction and thinning, to remove diseased, damaged or dead branches. Furthermore, with our crown reduction service, the most suitable tree crown sizes and shapes will be achieved, so your tree complements the surrounding location.

Affordable Tree Surgery

Not only is our tree surgery performed to the highest standards, but it is also affordably priced. Get in touch with our team today to arrange a free estimate. We can arrange an initial consultation to discuss your requirements and perform a tree survey.

Call Chris Groves Associates

Call Chris Groves Associates today if you require tree surgery in Taunton, Wellington, Somerset, Devon or elsewhere across the south west, including Bristol and the M5 corridor.

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